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Alexander R Adams, voice teacher

My name is Alexander R Adams. I teach a general healthy singing technique, supported by current vocal science and pedagogy practices, to students of all skill levels.

I received my Masters degree in Vocal Arts from the University of Southern California Thornton School of Music where I received training in opera theater, music theory, and vocal pedagogy.

With over a decade of performance experience and 5 years of teaching students of all skill levels and backgrounds, I am confident we can turn your voice into something you are proud of.

How we learn to sing

I work with new students to establish proper breath support, healthy vocalization and resonance for a solid foundation that will make singing in a variety of styles comfortable and easy. With these new habits, you will find your range increasing, your breath lasting longer, and your voice sounding richer and louder.

As we progress, we can learn new songs in a variety of styles to expand your repertoire, explore singing in other languages, and create opportunities for you to perform and show off your new skills!

Private Studio Lessons

Lessons are taught out of my studio in Oak Grove, south of Milwaukie. I can also travel to students' homes in the surrounding area for an added fee*, provided that a piano is available (electric is fine).

Why I Teach Singing

I have had a lifelong passion for music; singing really feels like a part of who I am. More than anything else I love to lead others down the same path and show them all the exciting possibilities that music can offer. From complete beginners for whom music is just a hobby to advanced students looking to major or minor in music at university, I can offer guidance every step of the way.


New Students:
Introductory 30min lesson: $30
OR first two lessons: $60

- Two or more 30min lessons: $30/ea
- Two or more 1hour lessons: $50/ea

Pay as you go:
Some students prefer the flexibility of paying for each lesson individually. I accept payment at the time of the lesson for the following rates:
- 30min lesson: $40
- 1hour lesson: $60

* travel fee for in-home lessons starts at $10 for up to 15 miles

All payments by cash (no change), check, or PayPal.

Cancellation Policy:
- Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance.

Contact Me

You can email me at

OR use the form below to contact me about Voice Lessons:


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Singing Lessons with Adams-Voice Studio

Teaching adult and teen singers of all skill levels in Portland, OR.

Reviews from
past students

Voice Lessons in Portland
I've been taking lessons for a few months. Learning a lot each time. Alex has substantial knowledge. My singing and confidence in my voice have greatly improved.
- Larry W.
I've been taking voice lessons with Alex:- He's very well versed with music and the application of theory (from my perspective)- His passion for teaching is definitely instrumental.- He's friendly and easy to get along with, he really tunes into your needs as a student.
- Ryan F.
Alex is the exact kind of instructor I’ve been searching for for years. After a throat injury years ago, I was unsure and worried about hurting my voice again, but from the moment of my first lesson with Alex to now, I have never felt so safe and at ease. My throat strain has definitely decreased, and I expect it to go away completely as I improve. Lessons are well-balanced with technique, gentle & honest feedback, and fun! I never feel things are rushed, yet somehow learn a wealth of information. I find myself free to laugh as we work and not take anything too seriously, yet am highly motivated to do my due diligence practicing at home. Alex himself has an incredible voice that proves he himself is an artist in what he teaches. It is a joy learning from him!
- Jenny L.
Alexander was recommended to me by a good friend about three months ago. My granddaughter is autistic and loves to sing. Alex is so good with her and very patient, He always commends her when she has done well and she is always excited to go to her lesson. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for voice lessons. The studio is a great setting and very professional!
- Patty V.
I cannot say enough fabulous things about Alex! My daughter Kaylee has been wanting to take voice lessons for some time. We are so ecstatic that we found Alex! His professionalism, quality of work and skill is unsurpassed! I highly recommend Alex, the lessons are the highlight of my daughters week.
- Kym T.
Alex has the ability to provide excellent voice lesson experience for all skill levels, whether a beginner or advanced. Alex's skill at providing expert voice teaching method really made my experience worthwhile. I highly recommend Alex as a voice lesson instructor.
- Kevin W.
Very helpful and supportive. I always sound better at the end of my lessons. Definitely recommended!
-Robert C.
Very knowledgeable and friendly.
- Keith J.
National Association of Teachers of Singing Member since 2018

National Association of Teachers of Singing Member since 2018

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